Why don’t you listen?

Communication is one of our most powerful skills, key to maintaining positive relationships with our family, friends, teammates and colleagues. It's how we learn, grow, express ourselves, interact, share and much more. Julian Treasure is a master of this skill and he begins with the most important, yet often forgotten element, listening. Try to practice conscious listening with the following steps:

Receive - pay attention
Appreciate - "hmm, OK"
Summarise - "so…"
Ask - relevant questions

Speak your truth

Once we understand how to listen, we know how to speak in a way others want to hear. Subtle changes, like how we deliver a message, can be more important than what we are actually saying. To "say it with your chest" exudes power and authority, and is a trait of leaders. Watch the video below to learn how to HAIL, and watch to the end if you want to make some funny noises!

Use HAIL in your interactions and you will undoubtedly receive a positive response:

Honesty - be clear and straight
Authenticity - be yourself
Integrity - be true to your word
Love - wish people well, even if they don't do the same

These are discussed in more depth below, along with a great overview on how we can strengthen our connections through effective speaking and listening.

We must be able to speak the same language, showing empathy and understanding while staying true to our own values.

Be present in every interaction, considering the lessons learned and how they help us grow, along with what value we can add to others lives.

Take the time to speak to those closest to you, and complete strangers, you never know who may need some support.

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