Easter Camp 2023

When: Monday 3rd April to Friday 14th April

Where: Church Farm Ardeley, Stevenage, SG2 7AH


Every day is a new adventure, based on a particular topic or industry as listed below. Activities will be led by subject matter experts so please bear in mind these may change due to their availability, Always check this page for the latest updates!

Monday 3rd April
8:30am - Safety Induction
11am - How to start a camp fire and log burner
2pm - Preparing and cooking food to get the most out of it. Check out the video below showing how to make a week's worth of meals from one chicken!

Tuesday 4th April
8.30am – 10am - Putting down compost in kitchen garden bed 4 with shovels, wheelbarrows and rake smooth

11am - egg cleaning, sorting and grading

2pm - Self awareness: understanding the importance of our physical, mental and spiritual health
Visit from Marcia Brock, serial tech entrepreneur and founder of https://www.smartkid.org.uk/ among multiple other projects

Wednesday 5th April
8:30am - Beards Oak Easter Egg Hunt
11am - Feeding the animals
1:40 pm - 2:35pm - Tractor rides around the Vicarage field
3pm – 4.30pm - Make drills (rows) in bed prepared yesterday, sowing chard seeds and covering them with soil

Thursday 6th April
AM - Breathwork with the Conscious Heart Warriors and Stacey Holmes

PM - Water: how to get your own water supply with a borehole
2:30pm - Orchard Easter Egg hunt

Friday 7th April - Good Friday
AM - Discuss the importance of this day in Christianity and other religions, featuring Aklilu Kedan from Rastafari movement UK and author of Parallel
3pm – 4.30pm - weeding the pumpkin patch and feeding the pigs

Saturday 8th April
AM - FREE play: Attendees choose the activities they would like to do
3pm – 4.30pm - Hawthorn (whip) tree planting in mature woodland between lambing bays and handy corner

Sunday 9th April - Easter Sunday
AM - Discuss the importance of this day in Christianity and other religions
3pm - Easter roast dinner at The Jolly Waggoner

Monday 10th April - Easter Monday
8.30am – 10am - Weeding kitchen garden row 2 with hand trowels for kids, fork/hoes for adults
1pm - Meet the Easter Bunny!

PM - Construction and built environment: how to build your own home from wooden pallets

Tuesday 11th April
AM - Renewable energy: how to harness FREE energy
12pm - Lunch & Learn with Neil Smith, founder of Net Zero Buildings, the largest off-site manufacturer of energy positive buildings in the UK.
3pm – 4.30pm - Sieving compost and putting more down on row 2 kitchen garden

Wednesday 12th April
AM - Economics: workshop on how to manage your resources delivered by Andre Burke, author of Economics Simplified

3pm - 4:30pm - Planting broad beans through mypex row 1 in kitchen garden

Thursday 13th April
9am – 9.45am - Talk about the farm with founder, Tim Waygood
3pm - planting seeds
5pm - Bushcraft with Freddie: starting fires and tying knots for tarpaulin covers

Friday 14th April - Graduation Day
AM - Technology: how can robotics, AI and automation improve our lives?
PM - celebration with a graduation and awards ceremony as attendees are crowned FREEconomists!

How do I join?

If you would like to volunteer please complete the volunteer form below, it's the easiest way to secure your place as priority will be given to volunteers and their children.

To register your interest to attend without volunteering please complete the admissions form.

What's the camp about?

This Easter children (and their parents) will have the opportunity to spend 2 weeks learning about the things we need to survive for FREE!

Activities will include growing and cooking food, building affordable housing, using renewable energy, improving lives with technology, managing finances and much more!

This will all be done with a focus on improving physical and mental health, to create an enjoyable and educational experience that will empower the next generation to achieve their potential of becoming future world leaders! 👑

How does it work?

As a community we all have the skills, goods and resources we need to survive. This experience will share some of that knowledge in an entertaining way, inspiring career ideas that may not have been considered, and directing you to where you can find out more.

Activities will be scheduled between 8:30am - 5pm, and arrangements are flexible allowing you to either:

  • Select which days you would like to attend based on the planned activities
  • Camp overnight for your selected days, or the entire 2 weeks in one of the log cabins shown below

This is all available on a first come first served basis, so don't delay in booking!

What does a day at the camp look like?

Below is an example of what a day in the life of a FREEconomy camper involves. There will be activities suitable for all ages and abilities, allowing attendees to choose what suits them best. 

We allow plenty of time for breaks to enjoy some FREE play choosing what they want to do, have a healthy snack and transition to the next activity which may be in a different area of the farm.

  • 7am - Breakfast
  • 8:30am - Enrichment activity
  • 10am - Break/FREE play
  • 11am - Nutritional learning activity
  • 12pm - Lunch/FREE play
  • 2pm - Physical activity
  • 3pm - Break/FREE play
  • 4pm - Reflection of day's lessons learned and how to apply them, and prize-giving for attendees
  • 5pm - Dinner
  • 6pm - Day completes for visitors, evening activity for those staying overnight

What do I need to bring?

The list below covers everything you will need, please email camp@freeconomy.today if you need support acquiring any of it:

◻️Walking boots or wellies

◻️Gardening/work gloves (ones with waterproof palms and fingers are best)

◻️Refillable water bottle

◻️Spare change of clothes in case they get wet and/or muddy

◻️Any medication labelled, in original packaging and handed to member of staff with dosage details


*If staying overnight you will also need:


◻️4 sets of clothes with names on labels as laundry services will be available






◻️Duvet or sleeping bag

◻️Slippers or indoor shoes to keep muddy boots out of the cabin

Farm Map & Safety Pass

Where can I find out more?

Please email camp@freeconomy.today with any questions you may have.