Please take the time to listen to the final speech Martin Luther King Jr. ever delivered:

The following day Dr. King was assassinated for the sheer gravity of the information he had released.

Over 50 years later his words still ring true, most people are enslaved by a global economic system that is incapable of guaranteeing their basic needs for survival such as food and water.

So it begs the question, why do we continue to play along? Economic withdrawal is a genius first step but this should be more than a fleeting protest, and the foundation for an entirely new system of valuation is needed that serves everybody.

FREEconomics is a term that has been circulating for some time and it certainly has a ring to it. Mark Boyle's book The Moneyless Man: A Year of FREEconomic Living covers his journey into living entirely without money and the FREEdom he gained in doing so, leading him to spread the FREEconomy movement in communities around the world.

Today technology has the ability to help people connect and collaborate globally on important matters at an immense rate, meaning there is nothing stopping us from taking this idea and building it into something historic.

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