When the time is right

Timing is very important when entering trades, as there are a lot of variables that can influence chart behaviour. Using https://market24hclock.com/ you can see when markets around the world open and close, and get updates on events and announcements that can create volatility.

It's also helpful to keep up with the news as world events can influence the market, and keep in mind what may seem to be a negative situation that causes a drop in price could be an opportunity to accumulate for when it recovers. Consistent research is key to making informed decisions, here are some useful resources to refer to:

https://www.marketwatch.com/ - Market news, updates and prices

https://youtu.be/dp8PhLsUcFE - Bloomberg 24/7 global financial news and updates

https://www.execsum.co/ - Daily market and technology newsletter

https://dexinsider.com - Pre-exchange crypto project insights and updates

Crypto indicators

History is our greatest teacher, therefore it's always beneficial to compare current statistics to what has happened before. A multitude of crypto market statistics such as market cap, volume, liquidity and dominance can be found at https://www.livecoinwatch.com/crypto-market-cap which help understand what stage of the market cycle we are in.

The fear and greed index is also useful to show if the market is in a state of fear where most people are selling, or in a state of greed where most are buying. As it moves to the extreme of either side you want to be preparing for the market to move back in the other direction.

The ratio of longs (buys) and shorts (sells) in play can be seen at https://www.coinglass.com/LongShortRatio

Use all of these indicators to time your trades well and increase your chance of success.

I hope you've found this information useful. Please send in any questions or feedback using the email button at the bottom of the page.